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Sales Manager

تاريخ التحديث: ٣٠ يونيو ٢٠٢٣

Job Details

Experience Needed: More Than 20 Years

Career Level: Manager

Education Level: Not Specified

Salary: Confidential, Bounce and Allowances

Job Categories

Ÿ Business Development

Ÿ Customer Service/Support

Ÿ Sales/Retail

Job Description

Ÿ Develop and implement the organization-wide sales, marketing and export strategy to achieve the organization's short and long-term sales goals.

Ÿ Contribute to business planning to develop sales strategies and plans that are consistent with the organization's overall mission, vision and long-term objective.

Ÿ Prepare sales forecasts; establish targets in areas such as product mix, sales volume, market share or business development and monitor the performance of the organization against these goals.

Ÿ Responsible for identifying new commercial

opportunities and driving growth across the business activities.

Ÿ Monitor the cost and effectiveness of sales activities. Work on maximizing the commercial and service profitability by reviewing pricing strategy

Job Requirements

Ÿ Bachelor of Engineering.

Ÿ 20 Years of Experience with at Least 5 years in the same Position

Ÿ Master in business Administration is preferred.

Ÿ High Communication and Negotiation skills.

Sales Manager

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